Do you ever get tired of loving someone when the person they love could care less what happend's and your always stressed out because your always thinkin what if that person is cheating  or being faithfull, while your not by there side but you can't leave them because you feel like if you lost that person you could not go on.  

Your life would be nothing without taht person but at the same time you're getting tired  of being here and loving that person so damn much that it's taking the life out of you, But you would do anything to see that person happy and for him/her to love you as much as you love them.

Ever wake up at night wondering what there doing that exact moment and wondering if they even think of you or even if it's diving them insane as much as it you, not being able to see them Do you ever wish that they would look at you the way they do someone else.

Ever wanted some one so bad inside and outside that you can feel him so deep inside of you, it's like he is inside of you everyway possible.

Ever loved someone so much and so bad that it hurt's from the outside and inside and it drives you to do crazy shit that you never thought you would do, have you ever loved him so bad that you stayed up for hour's of night's and days and just set there on you'r bed while thinkin about him and tears started rolling down your cheek.

Ever wanted to show him just how loved he is by you that you would do anything even if that meant killing yourself just to proove that you was not afraid to die for the one you loved,  but all that is running through your mind is how could you get him to see this deep dark tainted love you have for him inside of you.

BY Heather R Feazel



Title: Emotional

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it kinda suck's not as good as the rest, but i just wrote it.

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