I am alone

alone in a room with no doors

a room with no exits

just the sound of my breath

looking all around as my breath starts choking

I try to reach

I try to move

but my screams can't be heard

as they are muffled by my drowned breath

I' drowning...

I'm drowning within myself 

I can see other people

I can hear them too

I have this mask on,

so My voice is outbid by my drowning breaths

I feel as though if I speak my words

they won't be heard

they won't help

nobody will see me trying to breathe

in public, I am this masked person whom I don't know

In the comfort of my home, My room, Myself...

I Am Me...

But why can't I speak

Why can't I hear...

All that is seen and heard is black...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For me this is how it felt when I was drowning in depression

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