desguised moment

The rain drops beat against the window

as if someone's tapping lightly to get in.

The lightning crashes arcross the sky

as if God is angry of all sin.

The streets are drenched and flooded of rain

like a swimming pool across the land.

Yet you're still stitting here caressing me,

and you've never let go of my hand.

It's as though life around us continues,

but we're here stuck in one place.

Everyone else can freeze and play in the rain,

as i sit here in your warm embrace.

Nothing else seems to matter to us.

All I notice is the shimmer in your eyes.

Rainy days are supposed to be sad and gloomy,

instead it was OUR moment in desguise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take the time to spend with a loved one, especially when you have open opportunity.

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