Its Okay!

"You animals! You horrible kids!",

my father yelled.

Mom, drifting off in a wasteland of drugs.

Shattering my soul.

Dad, leaving bruises that show.

Piercing screams from another room.

Next, I face MY doom.

Remembering the pain,

how did I stay sane?

Being a child,

only eight.(8)

To say you're sorry...

Nope, too late!

(19)Nineteen, almost a woman.

Praying not to be like Dad,

(Physically Violent)


My anger will be silent.

Hoping not to be like Mom.

(Never There)

Did she care?

I'm unaware.

Curious of my own motherhood,

and scared of my decisions.

Tired if saying,

"Remember when..."

Time to move on.

(Let's not relive it again!)


Yes! I become great!

Create my own fate.

Put anger, frustration, hatred, and misery

up on A high shelf.

I see now it's okay!


I'll be myself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A scary childood, but a great motherhood.

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