Hateful World

  These mutha-fucken lives we lead

can make our minds stray.

While deep inside we bleed,

down on our knees we pray.

  Always taught to pray above

for the help to heal our pain.

Instead, I protect my soul from love,

but for what the fuck to gain?

  Almost losing our damn minds

so we are blind to this evil.

I'm kicking back to unwind

just to wait for the retrieval.

  Bitches waiting for their lives to end,

yet so meaningless without a begining.

The Devils got thier minds trippin' again.

Now tell me who the hell is winning.

  Lost in a soul of blood with no way out,

except through your bitch-ass tears.

Your soul's on a platter all laid out

while the world is throwing its' spears.

  Watching the world WANT, while forgetting their needs.

Experiencing death, and becoming numb.

Learning of thieir evil, deception, and greed.

Hoping those fuckers drown in thier cumm.

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