Jeannie C Reily

                       .          She sang so beautifully on the Opry stage 

                                           I started to cry 

                            My husband looked over and asked " why?"

                                   it was my mother's favorite, I replied 

                               So many memories have come and gone

                                    But certain ones seem to linger on 

                                         Pictures of her in my mind

                                   Singing in the car to her favorite song

                                 My mother no longer remembers

                                       All her memories are gone

                                 She's forgotten our faces and our names

                               She's forgotten the days when she sang her song

                                         Forever I will love that song

                                       And when it plays, I'll sing along

                                      I'll always remember days gone past.    
                                    And my mother singing the Tennessee waltz      


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