Looking At Mom

Looking at Mom lying in bed

Confuses my thoughts racing through my head

So much of her running through my veins 

It breaks my heart to see her in pain

The doctors say she may get better in time

But what I see today is not a good sign

She's forgotten the day, but remembers my name

She's forgotten she's fallen and why she's in pain

She wants to go home but that's not allowed

Until she can walk alone down the hall

So out comes the walker and a chair with big wheels

Life is not kind

Her leg might get better but not her mind

It's taken her memories she once held so dear

it's taken her future for that I am sure

God only knows what life has in store

We all stand around her while she lies in bed

Smiling and patting her pretty white head

We tell her we love her and to try one more time

But her mind keeps telling her that everything's fine

No need to try, She's walked all day

What craziness is this anyway

Telling us things her mind has made up

A week goes by and it turns into two

Not much improvement in anyone's view

She begs to go home and sleep next to Daddy

After 61 years of being his wife

Sleeping alone just doesn't feel right

Maybe today will be the day that she walks

But as the sun sets, we know that it's not

All of her daughters stand in the hall and talk

We laugh at old memories and smile through our tears

As we remember the time when Mom knew we were here

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was the first of many written about my Mom

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