My Dad

He was my hero when I was young

 Now he's just a bigger one

He loved my Mother for 65 years

He made her happy, He dried her tears

They raised four Daughters

And made A nice home

He worked two jobs to give her

All that he owned

She loved him so 

He was her sweetheart you know

And when the rest of the world 

Slowly slipped away

In her heart he always stayed

They shared a life through thick and thin 

He cared for her, she cared for him

and when she lost all she knew

He stayed beside her strong and true

So here's to you Dad, I love you so

And just in case you didn't know

You were my hero when I was young 

But now you're just a bigger one. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for my Dad. My Moms caregiver during her battle with Alzheimer's. A wonderful Husband and Father

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