My Mind Needs To Die

Mental Illnesses

Waking up in the morning,

my head battels with itself.

I wonder if there is any escaping


Is there a way I could be eaten by my bed,

so I do not have to rise?

If I must rise,

may I die later on?

I cannot survive another minute.

Trudging on through the day,

my mind continues to battel itself.

It stands in place of my heart.

My dreams shattered by the importance

of my brain.

Could I just kill it off?

Maybe the voices would stop tugging my hair,

and picking at my skin

if my mind was dead.

No, I promise you

this is no suicide note.

I do not want to die.

I still have dreams to acomplish.

But my mind,

it needs to leave me alone.

None of what I hope for,

will be completed

if my mind stays alive.

Why can't it die,

without me?