Becoming Holy

My Christian Walk

Holiness is not the most attractive quality in the world,

It gets a bad press, "Holy Joes, Holier than thou!"

No one really wants to be called "holy."

It feels unnatural, uncomfortable, boastful,

As if we were putting on a clean face,

To hide something mean and grubby.


Of course, God is holy.  It's His job isn't it?

To thunder forth judgment from heaven

To keep us all in line.   It makes us fear him.

But we love him for His kindness and mercy,

That looks over our careless shabby stains

Through the red filter of Jesus and forgives us.


But suppose that holiness is that part of God

Which authenticates His love

By His holiness we know that his Love is sure.

He won't be bought off by prejudice.

He will always be fair, no matter how we come to Him,

He will keep His promises even when we don't.


There is nothing mean or dirty about God,

He is Light through and through

Even when that makes us feel embarrassed.

He doesn't "tut-tut" and turn a cold shoulder

When He sees our sin.  He cries a little

At the wilful damage we've caused,

And then he sets about to transform it



To transform us.


His holy light is burning, healing, wholesome,

Just as the sun warms and sanitizes the infected world,

His love burns off the darkness in us so that new life can grow -

Let's not be shy - a holy life, a healing life, a loving life,

A mirror through which people may find Jesus

Who "did not come to condemn the World,

But that the world through Him might be saved.

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