The Prayer Deal

My Christian Walk

I come to You in prayer, Lord, not from my virtue, but from my need,

  I know I cannot deal with life alone, I lack the resources,

  The problems are too big for me, the answers are a mystery,

  I don’t even know what to ask, because my ideas might be wrong

  And I can’t foresee what might happen if You did answer.


Sometimes I wonder if my prayer makes any difference

  In the big things, when I pray for the suffering in Ukraine,

  Or in the little things, like, will my grandson get this job?

  Things happen all the time, and You can lead us through,

  But does my praying get to you, or change Your mind?


In my confusion, can I dare to make a deal with You?

   As I look at the things in the world that distress me,

   Or cause me to feel sympathy or compassion,

   Can I make a Wish-list of the things I would like to see happen,

   So You will know how I would like things to work out


Then when You decide on the right answer to my prayers

   Whether it is a Peace Treaty, or where I mislaid my keys,

   I will look at Your outcome and say “Thank You”

   For answering my prayers, even if I didn’t get it right.

   You have made all things work together for good,


But when I miss the point, or can’t see what You are doing,

    Open up my aching mind, and heart and arms,

    To receive You, even if I am disappointed or hurt;

    To trust that You really know what You are doing,

    And that Your choice will turn out to be my best choice too.

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