My Christian Walk

Why do You want me to trust You,

When I can't see what You're doing,

How You are arranging things in my favour,

Bringing together chances and co-incidences

So that in the end I can see the greater plan?


How do I know Your plan will turn out all right,

The way I dreamed, without obstacles,

Without jagged turns or steep descents

Into bitter valleys with no escape

From my disappointed hopes?


Why do You always say "No!" to the things I ask,

Even when I ask nicely, and set my heart on it

When I know exactly what is needed

To answer my earnest prayers, so I can

Praise You as I truly want to do?


If only You could give me a sign that You're in charge,

A hint that I'm on the right track,

Just so I could keep on waiting and hoping

That it will all come right in the end.

"I'm not an "adulterous generation."


I'm so tired of waiting for You to answer,

Drenching my pillow through the long nights......


"Child, I am your pillow, I feel your tears,

And I too am weary of waiting to answer,

Waiting for you to trust Me - no matter what.


Is it too much to ask you to hold My hand

When you cannot see the way ahead?

When you beat against Me as an unloving Daddy,

I hold you tight, and My heart cries out,

"If she but knew how much I love her!"

Wasn't Calvary enough to bear her sorrows too?

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