First Meeting

My Christian Walk


Never seen before,

Yet I have known you all my life.


You, in that the smiling misty face

That o’er my cradle focussed into love.


You. in the noisy clamour of the place

That taught my mind to know and think and move,


You, in the frank and brawling friends of youth,

Whose loyalty persisted to the grave.


It was Your beauty, Your appeal, Your truth

When teenage hero-worship held me slave.


You were there

That dazzling morning when serene

Fulfilment reflected in his smile,

Whose love has held me all the years between,

And mourns yet, now that I am gone awhile.


In all I could achieve, imagine, prize,

All that could stimulate my thought and wit.

The mischief calculating infant eyes,

That dared my wrath and made a game of it.


You even there.


And now Familiar Stranger, we have met,

And joys of earth are caught in joys above,

For you were there – You were the Joy

Whom, never seen before, I truly love.

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