My Christian Walk

If Christ lives in the heart of me,

Does anybody know?

Can others see it in my face

Or where I choose to go?


And when I meet with people

In the shops or busy street,

And stop to talk a little while,

Is it me and Him they greet?


If somebody should telephone,

Or texts me for my prayer,

Do they know he is answering

And listens to them there?


And when I find an aching heart

In pain or deadly sorrow

Are they aware that Jesus cares

Today and in the morrow?


And if my sister feels betrayed,

Or taken for a clown,

Does Jesus whisper through my words,

"I'll never let you down."


At when I feel I'm under threat,

Or trying to defend,

Does He step in to take the blow,

And cover me, His friend?


And if I have an argument,

With Christian friend or brother,

If Jesus lives in both of us,

How can we fight each other?


If Christ lives in the heart of me,

His presence I will know,

I'll move away from centre stage,

And let His glory show.

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