The Greatest Thing

My Christian Walk

The song says that Knowing You is the greatest thing,

And so it is;  just as I have always known you

As a daughter knows her Daddy,

          As a pupil knows her teacher,

                    As a lover knows her spouse.

So how is it that after all these years,

I find I still have so much to learn?


It's not that You haven't spoken to me in the past,

Forcibly plucking me from my own folly,

Giving me work that stretched my brain to the limit,

Answering prayers I didn't know I had prayed,

Challenging my little truth with new unknown discoveries.

Yes, You did all that.


But what does it mean to know your heart?

I've always known that you are loving, in the widest sense.

I know that you love justice, at least as far as I can see it.

I know that you will win the victory over darkness -one day.

And that You will guide me, though I can never see it in advance.


Somehow I need to change my spiritual standpoint.

Instead of standing here looking at heaven with earthly eyes,

I need to be drawn over to You, to see earth through heavenly eyes,

                              Your eyes!   


When I can begin to see my world through the eyes of heaven,

          and feel a shadow of what You feel,

When I can see the possibilities that can even now happen

          when You are let loose into a problem,

I might be saved from "knowing" what I know

          so that I can escape to what I do not know.

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