Who Am I

My Christian Walk

If I want to discover the real me,

Buried beneath the random layers

Under which I hide myself,

I can get lost in puzzles and questions,

Doubts and paradoxes

Which don't make sense to the world,

Or sometimes even to me.


If I tear away the debris on the surface,

The flotsam and jetsam of living,

The petty scraps of forgotten issues and ideas,

I come down to the more important stuff,

The people I have connected with,

Sometimes vice-like, sometimes a passing blink,

Who colour my life with grins or tears or blood.


No, I am not a mere collection of feelings.

I must go deeper yet, to the inner stage

Where I act out my world;  the bedrock of my soul.

Here lurk my dragons, my fears, my silent shame

That I am not good enough for Love,

I cannot even reach my own demands.

Where is my dragon- slayer now?


But I am not a victim or a slave.

Who says that it is so?  I have in my time,

Stood up and set my face against the darkness.

I have lit my little candle in the storm.

Bold in my weakness, I have dared to stand,

To speak, to serve, to risk and to resist.

Is this my deeper and inner spirit sanctum?


No, open one door yet into the secret place

To see Who stands within the heart of me.

It isn't me at all!  It is the Lord!

He walks beside me in the marketplace,

He slays my inner dragons when they snarl,

He makes me brave to act at his command.

Christ is in me, the Hope of glory!

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