To My Daughter


As I sank back into my hospital bed,

   I hugged to myself my most glorious news,

I had a daughter, the dream I had hoped for,

    A bright little girl with red hair and strong lungs.

At our first meeting she reached out and clutched me

    With baby size fingers, she captured my heart.


My mind started racing with visions of dresses,

    Dolls and doll houses, lingerie, lace.

We stood on the edge of a world of adventure

    Of shopping and sewing, creating a place

Where mother and daughter could share in the future

     The memories that only two girls understand.


Well the years have ticked by and the world has turned over,

    Everything changed in the blink of an eye.

I cared for you gently when you were our baby

    You care for us gently at the end of our days.

I taught you a hundred things you were just learning.

    You teach me a million things I never knew.


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