Calamity!   The world crashed down around them

They had hoped so much!  It was going so well!

The palm leaves, the crowds, the “Hosannas”

They had just remembered Passover together

And then darkness! lights! swords! soldiers! chaos!

Running, panting, choking, breaking, silence.


Lock the doors! There’s danger. Give a password!

Keep out the enemy!  Some of us could die.

One of us is dying!   What is happening?

What did you see?   What did you hear?

Why are you crying, Peter?   Where is Judas?

Are we all safe?  Where are the women?

Is He dead yet?


Nearly sunset.  Footsteps approaching. “Yes, let them in

It’s John with Mary and the other women in haste!”

‘Joseph, Mary’s kinsman, has permission to bury the body.’

“Come we must go out once more.  Only thing we can do.’

Get him down from that accursed cross and hide him safely

Silently, out of sight, resting with God.’

‘Quickly, Quietly.  Bring what we need.’  ‘He’s our Master!’

‘Before Sabbath, before the light and hope is wholly gone.’


Part II

Hope is wholly gone in the darkness. Sabbath is over.

There is no future.  He has gone, lost to hungry death.

“O God of Israel, where are you now?  What do we do?

“Where are the women?  Are they up so early?  Gone?

Oh yes to finish their last sad service to the One

They loved so much


Day is breaking,. Feet are running, pounding up the stairs.

The door bursts open and sunshine floods the floor.

“The tomb is open,”  “He’s gone”, “We saw an angel.”

The soldiers have gone. “We have to tell you.  Come and see|”

“They’re raving!  “Grief has broken their hearts” “It can’t be true!”

“Come, John, we must see for ourselves.”

“ I saw Him face to face in the garden.  He spoke my name.”

We saw Him on the road as we were goin home

And He ate with us.


Lock the doors.  Let no one in.  We have to think - to understand.

Remember what He said when He walked with us

On the third day-  This is the third day!  Could it be?

And suddenly He was there, locks or no locks, saying

“Peace be with you” and He showed them His hands and feet.


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