When The King Came


When the King came, no one knew about it,

   No one in the cities where rumour travels fast,

   No one in the country where everyone knows everything.

   No one in the palace or the temple or the schools,


Just a few ignorant shepherds out in the fields

   Watching their sheep at sleepy midnight

   Heard the proclamation of His birth,

   With angelic orchestration and planetary fanfare


That the King had taken residence on earth 

   To redeem his captive kingdom from his foe,

   To relieve the sorrows of the Occupation

   To re-assert His Father’s prior claim.


Who was this warrior?  A fragile new-born baby

   Nestled at his mother’s breast, guarded by a carpenter,

   Welcomed by cows and donkeys, dogs and horses.

   Standing by to do him reverence.


Distant scholars in far-off foreign night skies

   Saw his star sign, and journeyed over weary wastes  

   To the town of Bethlehem, town of ancient prophecy,

   Omen of past promise and present danger.


God was taking a huge chance in sending His Son.

   He knew the risks, He knew the painful ending,

   But this was a secret small chink in the darkness,

   That one day would explode into RESURRECTION!

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