Slow Plan


Some things happen in an instant.

    A sudden jolt, a shock which changes things forever.


That’s not how it happens with God.

     He isn’t bound by time, so He can see things coming

     And going.  He’s never taken by surprise.

     He can plan things in a cosmic instant,

     That might take millennia to work for us.


Somewhere at the beginning of time

    God planned a rescue for His beloved children,

    His dear human rebels, deceived and wilful,

    But still His family just the same.   He saw a child

    Born of a woman, who would undo the wrong!


 Later in time, for us (but not for Him),

    God gave a sign, a word for a distant day

    When a child, born of a pure young woman

    A special child, would bring the presence of God,

    Into our human race.   Immanuel - God with us!


Soon Isaiah repeated the theme.

     “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given”

     A King intended to rule!  A Prince a maker of peace!

     Father God bringing justice back to the world

     Goodness and love to all people for ever.


Some people looked up and wondered;

     There was a weary wistful longing, a slender hope,

     That one day God would send His child of promise.

     They called Him, Messiah!  Then Micah, a late prophet,

      Wrote down His place of birth - Bethlehem!


Jesus was born in Bethlehem in a single night.

     God had planned it for generations untold.

     It was the same cosmic event, in and out of time.

     The eternal God entered fragile human flesh.

     And the road towards rescue at Calvary had begun.

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