A little thing


It was such a little thing,

A baby crying in the night,

Heard by sleepy animals,

Hidden, out of sight.


Angels heard that tiny cry,

Raced across the heavens to see,

God asleep in human form

On his mother’s knee.


Humble shepherds woke from sleep,

Down the winding tracks they trod,

Knelt inside a stable door

To the Lamb of God.


Mary watched with thankful heart,

Doing what God asked her to,

Jesus was the living proof

That all God said was true.


Godly Joseph held her hand,

Trusting her with all his heart.

Encouragement and tender care

Were his silent part.


Scholars travelling night by night,

Saw the Promise from afar,

Pointed people to the light

Of a kingly star.


It was such a little thing,

Overlooked by all who mattered.

Yet that fragile, newborn child

The darkness shattered!


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