May I come to your church today


"May I come to your church today

To see you worship, sing and pray?”

“You wouldn't find it any fun.

When you are older you may come."


"But I would like to come and see

And worship with the family."

"You wouldn't like our songs at all,

The children's church is down the hall."


"But I love Jesus, this is true

Can I be a disciple too?"

"Just wait, the time will come to pass

For you to join disciple's class."


"May I tell you why I'm crying?

Did you know my Grandpa's dying?"

"When you grow old enough, you'll know

That there's a time we all must go."


"Can you tell, I'm asking you,

Are all the Bible stories true?"

"Please put aside your questions, do.

If I believe it, why can't you?"


"My friends at school say I'm a freak

Because I go to church each week."

"You take no notice what they say.

You're growing up the Christian way."


"Can I come in? Do I belong?

Can I do something brave or strong?"

"Be patient, You're the church tomorrow

When you have learned our ways to follow."


As time went by, the child grew bolder

Growing taller, growing older

Looking for love and care and nurture

Some day, later, in the future.

When someone in the church will say,

Come, you may join the church today.

But alas the child has gone away.

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