We Need To Do Better

We need to
Do better
For each other
And our future
Once again
Justice not found
And protesters
In sight
They have found
We need
To do better
In the world
Millions of children
Dying of diseases
With no medicine
To be found
We need to do better
Civil rights
The world over
Being denied
Because of
And greedy
Need for power
We need to do better
The world
Is in chaos
And everyone
Is pointing blame
Not wanting
To take responsibility
Because thats
Not in the spirit
Of the game
Life has become
We need to do better
We need to
Open our eyes
To what is really
Going on
In the world
Those in power
Getting away
With much
More than
They should
And doing so
In the first place

Just because
They knew they could
Corruption, racism,
Sexism, and all
Around hatred
Running wild
In a world
That in this day
And age
Should really
Know better
And all the while
Those who can
Do something
About it
Never do
Wake up society
We really do
Need to do better


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