Quit Waiting For Everyone Else To DO Something

Live and let live

Move on
And forgive
Life is
Much too short
For all this

Hate and bullshit
I'm sick of it
Sick of seeing it
Sick of hearing about it
And I'm sick
Of people
Bitching about it
And doing
About it
We need to
Stop complaining
About the world
And the way
It seems
To all be
Going to hell
Like we
Can't do
A thing
About it
We can
We are just
Either too lazy,
Self absorbed,
Or scared to do it
We need to
Get over that
Get off our asses
And come together
To make things better
To fight for
The greater good
And we need to
Stop thinking
Oh someone else
Will do it
So why should I

Because believe me
If we don't do it
No one will

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