Instructions For Life


We are all
But travelers
Lost in our right
On this journy
We call life
Some claim
To know
What they are doing
While others
Readily admit
That they have
No clue
Truth is
None of us
Really know
We just think
That we do
But in the end
We are all
Just as lost
As everyone else
But hey
Maybe thats
Not such
A bad thing
Maybe life
Isn't supposed
To come with
At least not ones
We are born with
Maybe the

We seek
Are hidden
In the lessons
We are supposed
To be learning
From each other
And maybe
Just maybe
That is exactly
Why we need
Each other
And should
Be helping
Each other
Instead of
Wasting so
Much time
Hating each other
Because lets face it
All that hate is
Getting us
Is nowhere

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