A Message For The Lost


This is a message

For those
Who are lonely
And lost
In a world
So screwed
Most don't
Even realize

How bad
It really is
A message
To those

Who not
Only see
The truth
Of what is
But who
How ridiculously
Simple it would be
To change things
For the better
All it would take
Is for us
To stop being greedy
And start caring
About others
They way
We care
About ourselves
Impossible you say
Not so simle you say

The only reason
That is true
Is because
We are too
Self absorbded
And lazy
To fight
For anyone

But us
There are
Those who
Think like you
That the time
Has come
For society
To say enough

There are those
Who know

All too well
That we have
More than enough
And take comfort
My friends
For those people
Will never stop
For something
Better either
So never give up hope

For you are never
Ever alone

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