All these broken dreams
It seems
Never meant a single thing
To any of you
It doesn't matter
What we do
'Cuz in your eyes
We're not even here
All the pain we hide
Hidden by stupid pride
Like the wars you hide behind
That are getting us nowhere
There is so much chaos everywhere
But why should we even care
We teach our children
To be fair
But with so much corruption everywhere
Tell me why we even bother
There are always two sets of rules
The written rules and the unwritten
That serve as a contradiction
To the written rules
And only apply to a certain few
But now is the time
For the certain few
To start coming after you
And of all you do
We do not approve
Its about time
We brought you down
With the strength
We have finally found
And all around
The vengeance we have dealt
Will finally be felt
All over us
You will no longer walk
And we will finally get
Our fair shot

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