The Reality Of people Like You

Did everything
I could think of
To make you happy
But I wish I knew then
What I know now
You are a fake
A best friend wannabe
There is no pleasing you
No way no how
But oh how I
Don't envy you
Your so called friends
Are all just using you
The very same way
You use them
They may talk about me
Behind my back
But they are laughing at you
Behind yours
When will you
Finally realize
You are nothing but
Everyone else's punchline
I grew up
Being pushed aside
But how will you feel
When you realize
You have become
What I used to be
What I let myself become
And fought with my life
To just overcome
How does it feel
Is it real yet
Has it sunk in
Are you finally
Starting to get it
I rose up
Well at least somewhat
And even that much
Took over 15 years
You will need to learn
To conquer your true fears
Until then you need
To learn to shut up
And to put up
With everything
Being unfair
And just like
With me
In the end no one
Will be there
To pick you up
When life becomes
Just so unfair
You really think
You know me
You haven't got a clue
But you will
Because of this shit
I almost died
Will you

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