Our Beautiful Russian

Sasha Semin
There is no one
Like him
Our Beautiful Russian
Mr. 4 Hat tricks
In one season
Plays like a demon
Goalies fear him
They are powerless
To Stop him
A fan favorite
You know we
Love him
Our Beautiful Russian
Sasha Semin
We would be
Nothing without him
There is just
Something about him
That makes his fans
Crazy about him
Has nothing but
Love and loyalty
When it comes to
His fans and team
Full of talent
And personality
Unselfish and
Hard working
Happy go lucky
With sick skills
So rarely seen
It is easy
To see
Why he is so
Loved by DC
What is not
To love about him
Sasha Semin
Our Beautiful Russian
For he is
To put it Simply
In a word

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