Breaking through

So tired
Of feeling ignored
It is time
For me to be heard
I am going to
Make you see
Just what it is
To be me
I will be seen
You will notice me
As I shout
It out loud
You will hear my voice
In that crowd
The real me
Is begging to be seen
And screaming to be free
Now I am breaking through
The barriers in front of me
The barriers I let
The World give me
I am stronger now
I will break free some how
I will be seen
Yes the real me
Is breaking through tonight
Listen up
Can you hear me
Loud and clear
Do you even
Know I am here
I have grown so tired
Of living my life
So wrapped up in fear
Just so sick and tired
Of being who the
World wants me to be
But now I see
I must be me
I am breaking free

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