Let The Learning Begin

You cannot fully
Understand me
Until you are me
And even then
Good luck
Most of the time
I don't even
Make sense
To myself
I am so sick
Of the world
Making me feel
Like there is something
Wrong with me
Just because I
Dare to be
What they see
As different
When all I am doing
Is being me
Asserting my individuality
I will not give in
To the disease
They call conformity
I will live free
Because I am
Just who I am
Supposed to be
Who God made me
When will you all see
He made us all
Different you and me
Our differences make
Us the same
So deal with it
Instead of
Fight each other
We were meant to
Learn from each other
In my opinion
The more we learn
From each other
The more we learn
About ourselves
So we might as well
Embrace each other
And ourselves
For who we are
Stop living in
Hate and sin
And let the
Learning begin

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