The Crying Soldier

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A soldier cries
For what he has done
The friends he has lost
And all their loved ones
Of war he has seen the cost
He took innocent lives
As they pleaded and cried
He knows in his heart
It's just not right

He fought the war
The war won
He killed a
little child a son
He wishes he could
Take back yesterday
War was just like a game
But no matter how he played
It was always the same old game
That he seemed to lose everyday

Verse 2
He looks in the eyes
Of the little ones
Their families
Now long gone
He now knows
That no matter what
When it is all said and done
This war we will still
Not have won
He forgets everything
He has ever known
Nothing is the same anymore
He doesn't even know
What he is fighting for


Verse 3
He didn't even know
The child's name
The kid barely
looked like he was 8
It's all just
A crying shame
He looked at
The broken city
And he wondered
How many families
Lost their lives
Just because of him
They were all
Innocent civilians
But still he killed them
Never really knowing why


Verse 4
He has now seen the light
Never again does
He want to fight
With a new goal in mind
He cries in the silence
Left by all the violence
He never thought
Of how it felt on the
Other side of the gun
Now he is alone
In the night so cold


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