Can't Break Me

Song Lyrics

This old Irish warrior
With this old Russian soul
Has had it with you
Trying to take control
Of a soul 
That just isn't
Yours to take 

Verse 1
You kick me down
In your attempts
To make me bleed
And take control
of my soul
That you have
Always seen
As vulnerable
But what you can't
See under the surface
Is a wild animal
That is as unbreakable
As it could ever be

You can try
To take me down
But you don't scare me
You can try to fight me
But you will never break me
It doesn't matter
What you do
I'll take you down
And break you too
You can't break me
Because the pain
Of what you have
Put me through
Is now stronger
Than you and I'll
Make you feel it too
You can't break me

Verse 2
All the years that
You have made me
Live in nothing but fear
Has now come full circle
And your bitter end is near
Because you were too blind to see
The consequences of what you reap
Now in the darkest shadows
Your destiny does creep



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