Too Strong To Break

I was just a lost soul
Searching for a home
And a family
To call my own
Now there is no limit
To how far I will go
To find my way back home
I remember how it used to be
All of you trying
So hard to break me
But you were all too fucking
Blinded to see
That you will
Never claim victory
As long as I stay me
Because you can take me
Shake and hate me
But you will never
Fully break me
Living in so much fear
With the reason never
All that clear
Trying to find sanity anywhere
It's just more than I can bare
But why should I care
Why even bother to teach
Our children to be fair
When there's so
Much corruption everywhere
Making us question
Who we are
Wondering how
We got this far
We've been through
All this before
And hey
I guess it's true
What they say
All is fair in love and war
But you can check
Your ego at the door
I won't put up with it anymore
And just remember when you fall
Love and passion conquers all

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