Beautiful Hatred Driving Us Downward

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Love is all
Yes love is everything
Forget that poison, greed

That is destroying society
And rise above
The madness
That has been
Defining you
For far too long
You are far too
Good for that bullshit

My darling
Go ahead
Rise above
That nonsense
Show the world
My dear
What you are worth

And insolence
Ruining everyone

And everything
I have fucking had it
When will we see
We are better
Than this insanity

Verse 2
Just the way
You are
Don't you fret darling
From a supporter
You are never far
No matter
Where you are
There is always
Who gets it
And understands
And as a whole
We will rise one day
So patience my friend
For that time will come soon
Yes very soon 


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