Wake Up To The Damage You Do

The dreams 
Much like the screams
Of so many
Fall deaf
On the ears 
Of those who need to 
Be hearing
But are too busy
Just simply
Not caring
Living each day
In denial
Of who they are
What they are
What they do 
And the evil 
They show
On a daily basis
Through their judgment
And unfounded hatred
Backed by what they 
Think they know
Because of television
Forever poisoned
By those they

Themselves allowed
To poison them
To a society
That deserves none of it
And to those people
I say wake up
And shut up
When it comes to 
The insanity
You think you know
Open your minds to
Someone and something new
And for once see
Exactly what  positivity
Over hatred 
Can really do
Because no one
And I mean
No one 
Deserves to have to
Hide who they are
Just because of you

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