Week After Week (So Sick Of It Happening)

Another day
Another mass shooting
On the heels 
Of yet another
White officer
Shooting to death
Another black man
So sick of it

When is this madness
Going to be aloud to end
Wake up 

Get mad
Go to sleep
Wake up
And fucking
This is what
We have let
Our pathetic
Excuse for a reality
So common place
Now every day

That we forget
The second we see
A victims face
As they are replaced
The very next day
The insanity of this
Is fucking killing me
And yet
We as a society
Have accepted this
As our normal
While wondering
Why nothing ever changes
Or gets better
Hmmm gee society
Yeah I fucking wonder why
Here's a thought
Maybe wising up for once
Instead of just letting it be
So a better day
We as a whole
Can finally see

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