Who Am I (The Wrong Of Society)

Who am I to you
In your eyes
And your chaotic mind
Am I even human
Are you
When all you do
Is care about
Things that at the
End of the day
Has never
Ever mattered
Sexual preference
And social status
In a society
So broken
It is in denial
About the very truth
It should know
So much so
That everyday
Is nothing more
Than a fucking show
In which we are
Nothing more
Than clowns
Thinking that
We are worth more
Than any worth
That with said attitude
We could ever know
With nothing to show
But ignorance
We the foolish
Double down
On our stupidity
And that my friends
Is what is currently
Wrong with society
Author's Notes/Comments: 

So my internet and computer has been a nignhtmare trying to post this and that is why it looks the way it does. I am so sorry.

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