A Society Blind By Choice

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Blind by choice

Our hatred 

Drowning out 

True victims voice

Screaming against

Valid protest

While in the middle

Of our own mess

Screeching about me, me , me

Not even willing 

To try to give 

A damn about others

Not realizing 

That just leads 

To us falling victim

Of ourselves

And each other

Stuck in an endless loop

Of utter madness

We wake to chaos

And brace ourselves

To fight through 

It all again


Wake up

To mornings light

Already with a 

Never ending headache

Like groundhogs day

Nothing ever changes

On ourselves 

We brought this

No Karen we can't

Just end this

Not that you care

Which just leaves us all 

Once again fucked

So tragic

Verse 2

Another day
Another example of hate
Being thrown
In our faces blindly
And wildly 
Without a care
By the insanity
That is always there
Our downfail
Without fear
Knowing as long
As we in society
Choose not to care
It will without fail
Always be there
Lurking in the shadows
As to take its next victim
It proudly goes
Even those who know
Pretend not to
Too easy to go instead
With the crowd
Once again 
Bringing us down

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