The Last Choice For Our Sake

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
And shaken
In a world so broken
Society forsaken
Starts its climb back
From a hell
Beyond reason
The hatred 
That got us
Down right treason
A crime against

Our very humanity
Felt globally
If only we had
Just done something

All the opportunities

In the world
And we threw it all away
For promises 
And broken dreams
We weren't listening
Now we just wish
We could change 

Verse 2
Too late?

Yes maybe
But only if
At this point

We have truly chosen
Once again
Not to learn 
And grow
From the pain
We all 
Now know
Welcome to rock bottom
The only way now is up
But only if we are willing to man up
And help each other get there
Instead of fighting
Foolishly out of blind fear


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