Saw It Coming, Did Nothing

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Saw it coming
Now thats something
We have to live with
Because when it came time
We did nothing

Just let it happen
Now as we stand
Among the fallen
We can't help but think
Of what we could have

Should have done
Didn't have to be this way
Didn't have to get this bad
If only we cared more
If only we bothered to fight
For what good we actually had

The silence

Left after

The violence

Is deafening
The aftermath


And now 

With souls shaking

We pick up the pieces

To start again


Verse 2
Maybe now
We will finally get it
And learn something
For once 
Instead of just
Going back to
Living in the very ignorance

That brought us 
To the fall
For which we all
Have paid 
A heavy toll
All for nothing more
Than wealth and power
That in the end
Meant nothing


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