Psycho Puppets

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Psycho puppets
By the soulless
And corrupted
Praying on the weak
And the voiceless
While insisting
They are harmless
And in our best interest
While society 
Eats up their lies 
Like candy 
Blindly and without
As the entire world

They go on destroying

Welcome to reality
Cold and uninviting
A hell 
We brought on ourselves
Drowning in the evils
Of the wealthy 
Their game we
Keep playing
While each other over nothing
We keep fighting

Verse 2
The puppet masters
That rule the world
Making us think
We have any control
Over our own world
When we don't 
What so ever

They control it all
Because we in our ignorance
Keep letting them
Worshipping their 
Evil puppets 
All too eager

To do their bidding
Never even realizing
That even they
Aren't the ones
Truly winning




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