Beyond Done With This Nonsense

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Another day
Begins as we are all
Slowly on the inside 
Surely dying
From the violence 
And hatred that surrounds
As the voices 
In our heads 

Fill our hearts with dread
And our souls with 

Pointless hatred
Fueled by a paranoia

That has over taken
All sense of reason
In a world 
That has somehow now
Lost all meaning

What have we done
What have we become
Fighting everyone
Makes us all fall as one
But we just don't see
Living so blindly
I'm done

Verse 2
Time has become 
As the days blend together
Insanity screaming 
So loudly 
Its deafening
As reason 
Has been effectively silenced
Tell me society
Is this what you wanted
A world so full 
Of hatred and violence

We are drowning so much in it
We don't even know it
How the hell
Did we this badly 
Actually manage to blow it




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