World War Insanity

Song Lyrics
Verse 1
The world I see daily
Driving me crazy
So many screaming
About what it means
To be free
With words
That lack all meaning
And sanity
Selfish and greedy
Everybody living
And caring only about
Me, me, me
Hating on those
Just trying to do
The right damn thing
Society divided
While fighting an enemy
We can't even agree on
And yet we still
Wonder how we
Continue to fall

Its a hoax!
No masks!
I want to get
My god damn hair cut
The Karens cry
Without a care
For anyones life
We are living
In nothing short
Of World War Insanity

Verse 2
Us against each other
Sister against sister
Brother against brother
With zero regard
For whats best
For each other
Only caring about ourselves
Not believing
The truth
About the world
Around us
While bitching
About nothing
Ever changing
Never figuring out
As we scream and shout
It is us
Our own damn selves
Who are responsible
For our forever downfall
Tell me something children
What are you going to do
When there is no longer
A fucking manager
To call

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