Who Are You

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Who we are
Is what we do
So tell me darling
Who are you
Are you truth
Or a fake 
Version of you
A facade 
Created to fit into
A world 
You don't actually 
Give a shit about
Even though 
Thats exactly 
What you claim to do
Well who are you?

Who are you
Do you even know
Or are you waiting
For society
To tell you
And make it so
Should you
Or should you not
Think foryourself
Or is the answer
Entirely something else

Verse 2
Who are you
What a question
Are any of us
Ever more
Than a fucking intention
Should we be
Can we be
Or is choice
Nothing more
Than an illusion
Dictated by 
A society
Run by the chaos
That surrounds it
Tell me society
Come on what is it


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