New Year, New Future

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
New year starting
And we are all hoping
For a better year
Than the one
We just left
Sick of the lies
Being fed
We finally 
Stand up
Speak out
And try 
To make a difference

In a world

That is drowning
In the hate

We are leaving behind
It's time to start

A new tonight

Happy New Year
My sad and

Beaten down society
Here is to 
None of the old mistakes
This year making
Anymore crazy

Verse 2
Stressed out people
This decade leaving
Yes to a better future
Full speed 
We are running
Hoping and dreaming
For something better
Than what has been
Making us suffer
Hoping those 

Who truly need to
From the past 
Are learning
And to make 
A better future
Are willing 
To be trying
Because this insanity
For even one year longer
Cannot keep happening
No more living blindly
This is the decade
Of together working
So that a better future
We can finally be living



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