Day After Day

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Day after day
The same old story
Always living
In a fucked up society
So deep in denial
About fucking
It's sickening
And down right scary
Never changing
We just keep getting
Worse and worse
It's like a never
Ending curse
I wish we could see
Without falling victim first

People dying
Children crying
While politicians
Spend all 
Their fucking time lying
This is the world
We live in
So blindly
The truth no longer
Seems to mean anything

Verse 2
The president impeached
Yet far too many
Still stand by
Bullshit he 
Lives to preach
Like he is
The answer
To everything
While his babbling
Is part of the reason
We live so blindly
It is nothing 
Short of scary
Not to mention
To those who are able
To fucking see
Wake the fuck up



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