Who Are We Truly

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Who we are

And who we should be


Or two different things

I beg of you

Choose your answer


And truthfully

Because without truth

We will more and more

Get fucking nowhere

Just like always

Tell me is that

Driving anybody 

Else crazy

Or is it just me


A society

Of insanity

Is what we have

Come to be

Can somebody

Explain to me

Why we are proud

Of anything

Verse 2

The truly guilty
Avoiding taking
All because they have money

While poor innocents
Are framed 
For horrible shit
Yet we call this

Fucking justice
This is who we are
Is it who we 
Think us to be
Or are we truly

Dead to reality


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It's always darkest before

It's always darkest before the dawn. Don't let it infect you. Let your light shine through the darkness. Blessings