Welcome To Hell

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Yet another shooting
And somehow
An empath like me
Who cares about everybody
Is not what we are
Supposed to be
Because if we were
These non stop stories
Simply just
Would not be
Angry fighting
Petty finger pointing
Gets us nothing
But in circles running
Yet none of us
Seem to care enough to see

Crazed and insane
Is what we seem

All too proud to be
Know better

But never seem to care
How the fuck
Did we get here

Verse 2
Waking up scared
If tomorrow
Me or those I love
Will still be here
While the next shooter
Is already out there
Scouting us out

And laughing

At us once again
Doing nothing
Waiting for the day

A song like this

Is about them
Welcome to hell



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