Unstoppable Insanity

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Who we are

Should not be

Who we used to be

And yet when I look 

Around at society

History repeating

Is all I ever see

Hatred and racism

Plaguing you and me

To the point of insanity

Another day

Another shooting

Just as pointless

As the last

And yet the response is the same

March in anger 

Until the next fucked up tragedy

Then focus only on that thing

Rinse and repeat

It drives me crazy

Why can't we see

The insanity we are living


Better than this

We can be

But only

If we 


In a better society

Than the one 

We are forced to

Everyday see

Come everybody
I mean



Verse 2

One step forward
A dozen steps back
This is what
We have become
My dear society
Who thinks
It has done
So much good
For every good
A hundred bullets fly
And too few people
Continue to ask why
As those in power
Just continue
To do nothing but lie
Day after day
Time after time
The blind leads 
The fucking blind
Into another
Welcome to
Our sad


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